SEPTEMBER 2016: LOST AND FOUND, collages by Melissa A. Richard

We will feature collages by Melissa A. Richard from September 2 through September 26, 2016. Melissa hails from southern NH and has graciously agreed to make the trip to Zephyr to supply our walls with her beautiful art. We will host an opening reception with the artist on Saturday, September 17 from 5.30 to 7.30 pm. Our late nights in September are Thursdays from 3-8pm on September 8 and September 22.

Melissa A. Richard is an Artist-Teacher from Southern NH with degrees from the University of New Hampshire and Boston University in Studio Art and Art Education.
Since the early 2000’s Melissa has worked primarily in Collage/Mixed Media and Painting, and also dabbles in Digital Photography (often included in her collage work). After her first solo exhibition in 2006, Melissa has gone on to show her work in a number of exhibitions around the country. Most recently, Melissa’s work “One More Night” was part of the Winter Wonders exhibition at ArcWorks in Peabody, MA in February 2016. A recent painting of hers also graced the cover of Indie Rock band NEMES’ new live studio album, released in April 2016.
Teaching is a large part of Melissa’s identity as an artist. There is a symbiotic relationship that exists between her art and her teaching. Childhood and Memories are common themes that run through much of Melissa’s work.


To be seen...

This September at CinemaSalem you can see the illustration of photoshop master Cuddy.

In October 2016 we will feature a solo show with the multi-talented PETER GRIMSHAW and his monster movie illustrations at CinemaSalem.

December 2016 will showcase some little art with a big punch in BAUBLES.


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All collage images copyright Melissa A. Richard. All rights reserved.